Considered a “ Gift from the Gods ”, Tequila is a distilled beverage was originated many centuries ago by the indigenous people of Mexico. In truth, this prized liquor didn’t even start out as the Tequila we know today. The Aztecs fermented a drink known as Pulque, which used the sap of the Agave Plant, based in the lowlands of Mexico. Made primarily from the Blue Agave Plant, Tequila is a type of Mezcal and is commonly served neat in Mexico or as a shot with salt & lime in the US.

With over 200 different types of Tequila in Mexico, Paz Cantina is proud to carry an extensive Tequila Menu, with a wide variety distilled Tequilas that can be served however you like. Sample our manyTequilas or try one of our signature, hand-crafted cocktails. History says, that the Margarita, was first invented in1936 and Paz Cantina has since perfected this Mexican-style cocktail right here in the heart of Downtown Phoenix.

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